Eating out with anxiety

Morning Duckies,

Now this post is a little bit different! The reason I started this blog is because one day I would love to run a charity that helps people with eating disorders whether they are recovering or going through it because there isn’t enough help out there at the moment.

Okay back on track…Eating out when you are recovering can be hell and nerve wracking to the point where you don’t want to go. One thing that calmed my nerves was looking at the menu online so I knew in advance what I could order or at least what they served but not all restaurants keep their websites up to date.

There is a clever little tool out there now called Zomato who go out and take photos of menus and the restaurants meaning they are correct and you know what you are getting. It is also so nice as you get to view loads of restaurants in your area and can filter them in so so many ways!

If this was out there during my recovery it would of helped me in a million ways. Now I am out of recovery and back to full health it is such a handy app to have to find restaurants that are near me and what they serve.

Let me know if you use Zomato and what you think!

The Newbie x


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