Kayla Itsines BBG


Here you will find my experiance of the Bikini Body Guide!

Morning! – To see full post click here.

Since I said at the start of March I would be starting the Bikini Body Guide documenting it on here is the best way to stick to it!

Here is how week one and two went:

  • Week one felt surprisingly easy compared to the last time I tried the guide
  • Loud pop music is a must to get through these workouts
  • I did not eat entirely clean or healthy but I am trying to sort that out!
  • Banana pancakes for breakfast are the BEST
  • Drinking lots of water throughout the day is crucial

During week two I feel like I have lost motivation, I’m tired and my diet hasn’t been on top form, but hey I’m only human! So as punishment I am repeating week two and I am really going to focus on getting it right! If you have any good motivational tips please leave them below.

You can follow my journey over on Instagram and twitter!

The Newbie x



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