Sickness in winter


Hi Guys,

Sorry I haven’t blogged I have been really ill this week and suffered a crazy headache too so blogging was not at the front of my mind anyway back to the point.

When I am ill I usually like to binge on sweets and crisps and all sorts of bad stuff but this time I changed it up even though I had no appetite I made myself eat 3 healthy meals a day and took vitamins. I can say I am feeling way better for it! and I did have chocolate but a kit kat wont kill anyone!

So here are my tips on getting back to health quickly

1. Take your vitamins – your body is trying to nurse you back to health and this will help you and your cells recover quicker
2. Get your 5 a day – Even if its in the form of a smoothie thats better than nothing, try having a fruit salad for breakfast and soup for lunch before you know it you will have had them!
3. Exercise- You might all think I’m crazy but here me out, exercise releases all those feel good endorphins which make you feel a lot better and happier, you don’t have to go crazy try some gentle yoga or Pilates. It also reduces stress and for me it really helps with shifting a headache
4. Rest – Make sure you get enough sleep as this is when your body repairs and fixes everything!

Those are my 4 easy and simple steps to getting better if your brought down by a winter flu, let me know what your tips are!

The Newbie x

p.s watch out for tasty recipe uploads coming soon