Macmillan Coffee Morning


Today in work we started the day of with our Macmillan Coffee Morning, it was a great way to catch up with everyone, eat cake and drink coffee all in the aid of killing cancer! Have any of you Newbies thought about doing a coffee morning?

My weekend was spent looking after my little cousin, well she isn’t so little she’s 13! We done all the girly things a 13 year old loves – shops, drank mocktails, done our nails and make up, watched xfactor and put on face masks! It was nice to have a bit of family time and pampering all in the oner!

I also done my food shop for the week and prepped and planned all my meals out using the blogilates new body makeover 3 month plan that I spoke about in my last post, excited to start it! And tonight I get to see my man who has been enjoying the sunshine for the past two weeks…so not fair!

What did you lovelies get up to this weekend?

The Newbie x


Recipe of the week: Turkey, Spinach & Red Pepper Wrap

Hey Newbies,

Sorry things have been kinda quiet I haven’t been feeling that great so just trying to focus on sleep and getting better! Anyway as of monday I am going to be following Cassey Ho from Blogilates 12 week body make over meal plan along with my Kayla Itness workout guide as a well needed kick up the ass that I need right now! The best thing about the meal plan is that it is FREE – yes I was just as shocked 3 months worth of meals planned helloooo more free time, all you have to do to get them is find the passwords its kinda fun!

Anyway here is a recipe I cant wait to try sounds so simple yet so tasty!


– One or 2 tortilla wraps depending how hungry you are
– 1 Packet of turkey breast sandwich meat
– 2 Laughing Cow Light triangles
– 1/2 Red pepper
– Handful of Spinach


– Divide turkey meat between each wrap
– Roast red peppers or leave them au natural depends how you like ‘eM
– Spread Laughing Cow cheese on each wrap, divide spinach and your red pepper and turkey and your done!

A nutritious simple lunch to eat on the go which is definitely what I need

I will post photos of my food and fitness journey on my Instagram so head over and give me a like to follow my journey! @thenewbieblog is my name.

The Newbie x

Weekend: Family Time


Hey Newbies hope you all had great weekends!

I spent most of mine with my family which is nice as I no longer live at home so its always good to see them, we went to an AMAZING steak restaurant for dinner the food was unreal and I came out feeling like I couldn’t move had an eyes bigger than belly moment..not good!

Today I have started my Kayla Itness 12 week plan and I have made it through day one so far!

Anyway, I shall leave it at that short and sweet for the moment.

Have a good week everyone

The Newbie x


Recipe of the week: Apple Pie Porridge!

This is defiantly the BEST way to start the day – tastes amazing and is soooo good for you (could you ask for anything better?!). It is like eating dessert for breakfast and who doesn’t want that! Also I used to hate porridge with a passion the just add water stuff from supermarkets tastes like baby food but this has changed my idea of that!


– 1 small Apple peeled and chopped (I use 2 because I like a lot of apple in it but its personal taste so mix it up)
– 4 Tablespoons Water
– 1 Tablespoon Raisins heaped
– Half a teaspoon Ground Cinnamon – save some to sprinkle on top
– 32 grams of Rolled Oats
– 150 to 200ml Oat Milk
– 1/2 teaspoon Pure Maple Syrup Or Honey (optional)
– Handful of pecan nuts (optional)


– Place the chopped apple, raisins, cinnamon and water into a saucepan with the lid on and heat on high for 5 minutes.
– Check around 3 and 4 minutes to make sure there is enough water to ensure you don’t end up with burnt apple.
– Once the 5 minutes are up add in your oats, milk and maple syrup and turn the heat to low.
– Cook for a further 2 minutes, adding an extra splash of milk if needed.
– Add in your nuts if you wish – I like this because it gives it even more texture
– Serve with an extra sprinkle of cinnamon and enjoy!

I will add a picture tomorrow after I have made it again – smelled too good last time so I didn’t take any I just ate it ooops!

Let me know if yous make this delicious breckie



Okay so this isn’t really a fitness post but it does relate and help with fitness and the key ingredient is MEDITATION!…yes it is incredibly hard to master but so worth it if you can manage to do it. The main thing about meditation is not to be angry with yourself if it doesn’t always go the way you want it like the other night when I tried to meditate I couldn’t get focused at all but it was still nice to take time out of my day to sit at peace and breath!

So here are my 3 tips from a very novice meditator on how to bring a lil bit of calm to your day!

1. Sit Tall – Be aware of your body and your surroundings, don’t try to change them but acknowledge they are there
2. Relax your body – Bit by bit relax each part of your body starting from your toes up (sounds kinda weird but it does help)
3. Focus on your breath – Think of this as a rhythm, think about how it flows through you

And let go of thoughts in your mind like passing clouds, and if you end up drifting with your thoughts be aware of this and return to focus on your breath. It is difficult but worth it. Practise little and often at first in order to get the hang of it. I also use an app called Calm which can talk and guide you – its also free!

Anyway I am now feeling very much like a hippy so if you find me hugging trees next…its all gone down hill!
Let me know if you practise any meditation this week

The Newbie x

Re-cap: My week so far


This weekend was crazy but not in a good way and this week things keep going wrong too…my boiler broke, messed something up at work and I have had zero motivation to set foot in the gym! I am also shattered and nothing is sorting it so feeling pretty crappy right now! Hope you are all having a better week than me 🙂

Tomorrow I am going to post a review about my first week of kayla itness ‘Bikini Body Guide’ that I completed last week so stick around for tomorrow it shall be interesting.

Keep smiling!

The Newbie x

Finally a plan!


Well today is all about setting a plan, since starting my blog I didn’t choose a structure to follow but now I feel I need one!

So Monday to Wednesdays will be all about the weekend, yolo meals and what I am loving lately, Thursdays shall be a fitness post and friday recipes for the weekend/a lil drop of sunshine to cheer up your day!

Ta da there it is and now I have to stick to it ahhh even scarier, anyway I shall leave you with a great saying from my favourite author.

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”

Have a great weekend, push yourself to do something crazy!

The Newbie x

Becoming a yogi

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.59.49

As part of my 90 day fitness challenge I have decided to try out new types of fitness. I managed to get a free 7 day pass to a gym near me which meant I could try out classes and I gave yoga a go and LOVED IT!

I thought it would be easy stretching but oh boy I was wrong I worked on muscles I didn’t even know I had and came out already feeling the achy pain. It was such a great way to start the day I felt refreshed, enegerised and calm, it was blissful.

I am no where near as flexible as I want to be – swimming for most my life means I am made of stone – but I know if I keep going and persevering I will get there!

So take some time out of your day or week to do a workout that you haven’t ever tried before it will give you such a buzz!

The Newbie x

#YOLO Meals



Every week I like to have what I call a YOLO meal it basically means you only live once so why the hell not eat the food you want ?!

On Friday me and some friends went to a mexican bar and indulged in some delicious food and drinks, we shared the most AMAZING nachos, I also had pork carnitas – tiny tortillas with pork and hot sauce on the side – also some garlic fries. I opted for mocktails as I wasn’t in the mood for drinking!

Everyone deserves a YOLO meal so don’t forget to have it – you have to have the good with the bad! It keeps me sane after a hard week of training to know I can have a special treat!

The reason I don’t call it a cheat meal is because that puts a negative spin on something that is not negative if you spend your time nourishing and loving your body with good food its not a cheat to have something a little bit naughty

The Newbie x

p.s sorry the quality on the photos is so bad they were taken on my phone in bad lighting grr restaurants for not having food photo friendly lighting!!