Kayla Itsines – Week 2



Today I am checking in and giving you an update on how I am doing with the BBG Guide! So if you check this post out here – you will see that I repeated week two as I didn’t feel like I done my best or ate my best but this week I have been rectifying this.

– I made all my own lunches and dinners that were all balanced and healthy (maybe I could do a day in the life post let me know what ya think!)
– I made myself some sweet treats so that if I felt like I was needing it I could have it and also a square of dark chocolate a day helped keep my cravings at bay!
– Working out this week felt much better, I was stronger and a lot more focused
– This week I also went on my first run of the year, it wasn’t fast or anything amazing but I done it and I feel great for it!
– Done all my meal plans for week three and I am ready to move on with this guide, one thing I can say is I seriously miss my Pilates so going to find a way to incorporate it in

Comment what your tips are for staying focused while on the Bikini Body Guide!

The Newbie x


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