Take time to love YOU!


Morning Lovies,

Now I love a spa break as much as the next gal, but I don’t love the bill that comes with it OUCH!
Since I am a princess living on a student budget (the struggle is real!) I have learned that an at home spa can be just as enjoyable.

Here are my top tops for having an amazing at home spa experiance:
1. Candles – Now I’m not talking crazy expensive candles think tea-lights and Primark. Primark offer some amazing smelling candles that last as well as any other brand so buy your favourite and enjoy the aroma. I like to light lots of tea-lights and put them all around my room so it creates a cosy yet calm atmosphere.
2. Spa music – I like to play some spa music, it sets the mood and helps de-stress you, but if Tay Swift is your thing go for it too!. Here are some of my favourite playlists –
3. Shower – This was a new one for even me, but showering in candle light is very soothing and it makes you feel like your at a posh spa. Take your time and enjoy it.
4. Face masks and moisturising – I love this bit! I am a huge advocate of moisturising after every shower but after a spa shower I like to use my more expensive cream that smells amazing. It makes me feel that little bit more special. I loveee to do face masks and just lie and chill while I have it on totally zoning out.


I have tried to keep it relatively short for you, I hope you enjoyed it if you have any tips to an at home spa comment below!

The Newbie x


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