Healthy on a budget


Morning duckies,

I thought I would give you some more tips on how to eat healthy on a budget, since you can never have to many money saving tips!

1. Make the freezer your friend – If you are single or live alone, making big batches and freezing food is a great way to save on waste and means you always have a healthy option available.
2. Don’t go overboard at the produce section – I love my fruit and veg and often fall victim to buying wayyyyy more than I ever need. Plan what you need, and if you still have extra freeze it that way you always have fruit and veg at hand to make up smoothies.
3. Make a budget & stick to it – This one may be hard but if you have a budget in mind you are more likely to stick to it, also look for coupons and deals that are useful to you don’t go for it if it isn’t!

The Newbie x


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