Healthy on a budget


Hey everyone,

This is a little bit of a different post but I thought it was needed! Most people complain that healthy living is really expensive but it doesn’t have to be and here are my top tips and secrets to eating the best you can.

1. Make Lidl and Aldi your new BFF’s – These places are great for food shopping and one of the best things ? Most of it is local and will help farmers near you which is a bonus. I love shopping here I save so much money and all their fruit and veg outlasts any other. Also you are more likely to eat seasonally if you shop here another bonus to the environment.
2. Preparation – Before heading to the shops write a list of what you need and only get whats on the list, that way you know that you need it and you will use it!. I also like to think of what I will make for tea and lunch that way I can buy ingredients that can be intermixed and I know when I get home what I have in the fridge to whip up what I fancy.
3. Don’t shop when your hungry! – Its proven if you shop when your hungry that you will make unhealthy choices which wont help with yout fitness journey.
4. Holland and Barrett – This is a health food store in the UK and you can get great deals when they have the penny sale on, I use it to buy green powders and cocoa at a fraction of the price its all about being savvy!

I am infact a student and I have a full time job at the moment as it is part of my university course. This does not mean that I go crazy on food shops I usually spend about £25 a week on everything.

If you have any tips please comment and let me know, Im a girl who loves a bargain.

The Newbie x


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