Skinny Carbonara


Yep. you read the title right. SKINNY CARBONARA! Who can say no to delicious creamy sauce with half the calories of the normal stuff. In my opinion this tastes more authentic than jar sauce and you can thank me later for it! I think I was italian in a past life because I can not get enough of italian food! Back on track with the recipe….

– 3/4 Bacon rashers sliced up
– 150g Diced chicken breast
– Pasta (enough for 2)
– 1 egg
– 200g Cream cheese (I used philadelphia light with garlic and herbs)
– 80g Peas

– Boil your pasta and peas
– While the pasta is boiling fry your chicken in a little bit of oil, once nearly cooked add in the bacon slices
– Drain the pasta and peas once cooked and add the chicken and bacon
– In a separate bowl whisk the egg and add the cream cheese, mix until you have a smooth sauce
– Add in to pot with all other ingredients and put back on a gentle heat to let the sauce thicken
– Serve up and enjoy!

The perfect way to finish this off is with some homemade bruschetta with roasted tomatoes and olives mmmm delicious!

The Newbie x


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