Stepping away from social media

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Hey Newbies,

If you read my post a few days back you will see that I mentioned giving up social media for the month of February, some of you may think I’m crazy for this but hang in there and you’ll see good reasons!

In the morning when I wake up rather than just lying there enjoying being in bed I will reach for my phone bleary eyed and scroll through social media…Facebook, Twitter then Instragram. Every day I do this and I am pretty sure most of you will be the same so I am breaking the habit and this is why you should to –

1. Sleep becomes difficult – A study showed that people who used on their phones and iPads at night found it more difficult to sleep than those who read a physical book, so at night instead of picking up your phone get yourself a book that you will enjoy and read that!
2. The need to feel connected all the time can be linked with anxiety disorders – People feel like if they aren’t checking Facebook and twitter they are missing out which can cause increased use of social media and anxiety Instead why not meet up with friends and have conversations about whats going on in each others lives rather than checking statuses!
3. Bad posture – How many of you (me included) sit hunched over our screens? Ever thought of the damage you could be doing to your spin and the strain you are putting on your neck and shoulders? Trust me it’s a lot! So this month stand tall, do stretches to lengthen your spin and release tension in your neck. I suggest trying a short yoga tutorial on youtube.

This month I dare you to ditch social media and get connected with the world around you LOOK UP instead of at the ground and breathe life in. Enjoy mornings in bed cuddling or snuggling not reaching for your phone.

Comment if you are going to give it a go 🙂

The Newbie x


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