Sticking to resolutions


Hiya lovelies,

Apologies for the lack of posts I just can’t seem to get my head back in the game with blogging but I’m trying…

Today we are going to be talking about sticking to the resolutions you made on January the first, whether it was eat better, exercise more or anything else…have you stuck to it?
I started mine in December I decided starting early would mean I would stick to them better and it has worked. The main resolution I have chosen is to change myself for the better and focus on my health and fitness, I have dedicated myself to working out 5-6 times a week, which may seem like much but it works for me.

I work a 9-5 job, cook all my meals and have a life! I enjoy exercising and trying to get my 5 a day in. The key thing to remember when changing your entire lifestyle is if you have a bad day leave it at that don’t let it become a bad week!

I have also set myself monthly challenges this months was to drink at least two bottles of water a day and I can say I have pretty much done that, which is crazy since I don’t like water…weird I know but hey that’s me.

My challenge for february is ditch social media off my phone so that in the morning rather than lying in bed reading Facebook and twitter like a newspaper I get up and do some morning yoga even if its 10 minutes that is better than nothing!

Whats your challenge for the coming month?

The Newbie x


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