Party timeeeee!


Morning everyone!

I really need to start blogging at the weekend but sometimes I am just having too much fun and my laptop is slightly worn which makes everything slow which doesn’t help someone with very little patience towards technology…any suggestions how to make a laptop faster?  Anyway back to what I did on my weekend..

On Friday I ventured out with all my friends for a night on the town because its my birthday on friday woooo! so me and my best friend did a joint night it was fun I haven’t partied in a long time WORKING SUCKS! It was great to go out and let my hair down surrounded by people who I love. We booked VIP at Shanghai in Edinburgh which was really cool we had our own area which made the night that little bit more special, I would defiantly recommend it and go back.

Saturday was spent doing not very much with my boyfriend but napping and eating which is what was needed! On Sunday I headed back home to visit my family its always nice to get a little break from the city and visit home.

How was your weekend lovelies?

Excuse the pouting but I always seem to think its a good idea…..

The Newbie x


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