Something a little different…


Hey everyone,

The other day I read a piece on how certain fitness instructors were promoting an unhealthy body image and body dysmorphia…this is something that I disagree with.
Everyone has a different body type and I know I am never going to look like her – I am built like a swimmer, and thats what people need to realise no two people in the world can ever have identical bodies it is as simple as that!

And on the case of body body dysmorphia it is every where you can’t hide from it. It’s in magazines, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest you name it you will find some form of athletic girl that has a crazy good tan and unreal body or the more extreme of pro ana sites which are a scary dark place.

But in the light of anorexia, if someone did come across these healthy athletic bodies and thought that they wanted to be like that, I would see that as a positive change. To be and look like that you have to eat right, exercise enough and love your body which is something anorexia takes from you.

And if someone is overweight and looks at these image and decides they want to lose weight. They know if they want to have a great body that suits them they will have to eat right, be active and everything else.

I am not a health and fitness expert but thats how I look at these images I look at them as a form of motivation to make me the best version of me NOT to copy and be someone else it would be boring if we were all the same!

So I challenge you to be the best version of you not the version of some girl on Instagram. Be proud of you are and OWN IT!

The Newbie x


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