Recipe of the week: Turkey, Spinach & Red Pepper Wrap

Hey Newbies,

Sorry things have been kinda quiet I haven’t been feeling that great so just trying to focus on sleep and getting better! Anyway as of monday I am going to be following Cassey Ho from Blogilates 12 week body make over meal plan along with my Kayla Itness workout guide as a well needed kick up the ass that I need right now! The best thing about the meal plan is that it is FREE – yes I was just as shocked 3 months worth of meals planned helloooo more free time, all you have to do to get them is find the passwords its kinda fun!

Anyway here is a recipe I cant wait to try sounds so simple yet so tasty!


– One or 2 tortilla wraps depending how hungry you are
– 1 Packet of turkey breast sandwich meat
– 2 Laughing Cow Light triangles
– 1/2 Red pepper
– Handful of Spinach


– Divide turkey meat between each wrap
– Roast red peppers or leave them au natural depends how you like ‘eM
– Spread Laughing Cow cheese on each wrap, divide spinach and your red pepper and turkey and your done!

A nutritious simple lunch to eat on the go which is definitely what I need

I will post photos of my food and fitness journey on my Instagram so head over and give me a like to follow my journey! @thenewbieblog is my name.

The Newbie x


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