Recipe of the week: Apple Pie Porridge!

This is defiantly the BEST way to start the day – tastes amazing and is soooo good for you (could you ask for anything better?!). It is like eating dessert for breakfast and who doesn’t want that! Also I used to hate porridge with a passion the just add water stuff from supermarkets tastes like baby food but this has changed my idea of that!


– 1 small Apple peeled and chopped (I use 2 because I like a lot of apple in it but its personal taste so mix it up)
– 4 Tablespoons Water
– 1 Tablespoon Raisins heaped
– Half a teaspoon Ground Cinnamon – save some to sprinkle on top
– 32 grams of Rolled Oats
– 150 to 200ml Oat Milk
– 1/2 teaspoon Pure Maple Syrup Or Honey (optional)
– Handful of pecan nuts (optional)


– Place the chopped apple, raisins, cinnamon and water into a saucepan with the lid on and heat on high for 5 minutes.
– Check around 3 and 4 minutes to make sure there is enough water to ensure you don’t end up with burnt apple.
– Once the 5 minutes are up add in your oats, milk and maple syrup and turn the heat to low.
– Cook for a further 2 minutes, adding an extra splash of milk if needed.
– Add in your nuts if you wish – I like this because it gives it even more texture
– Serve with an extra sprinkle of cinnamon and enjoy!

I will add a picture tomorrow after I have made it again – smelled too good last time so I didn’t take any I just ate it ooops!

Let me know if yous make this delicious breckie


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