Okay so this isn’t really a fitness post but it does relate and help with fitness and the key ingredient is MEDITATION!…yes it is incredibly hard to master but so worth it if you can manage to do it. The main thing about meditation is not to be angry with yourself if it doesn’t always go the way you want it like the other night when I tried to meditate I couldn’t get focused at all but it was still nice to take time out of my day to sit at peace and breath!

So here are my 3 tips from a very novice meditator on how to bring a lil bit of calm to your day!

1. Sit Tall – Be aware of your body and your surroundings, don’t try to change them but acknowledge they are there
2. Relax your body – Bit by bit relax each part of your body starting from your toes up (sounds kinda weird but it does help)
3. Focus on your breath – Think of this as a rhythm, think about how it flows through you

And let go of thoughts in your mind like passing clouds, and if you end up drifting with your thoughts be aware of this and return to focus on your breath. It is difficult but worth it. Practise little and often at first in order to get the hang of it. I also use an app called Calm which can talk and guide you – its also free!

Anyway I am now feeling very much like a hippy so if you find me hugging trees next…its all gone down hill!
Let me know if you practise any meditation this week

The Newbie x


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