#YOLO Meals



Every week I like to have what I call a YOLO meal it basically means you only live once so why the hell not eat the food you want ?!

On Friday me and some friends went to a mexican bar and indulged in some delicious food and drinks, we shared the most AMAZING nachos, I also had pork carnitas – tiny tortillas with pork and hot sauce on the side – also some garlic fries. I opted for mocktails as I wasn’t in the mood for drinking!

Everyone deserves a YOLO meal so don’t forget to have it – you have to have the good with the bad! It keeps me sane after a hard week of training to know I can have a special treat!

The reason I don’t call it a cheat meal is because that puts a negative spin on something that is not negative if you spend your time nourishing and loving your body with good food its not a cheat to have something a little bit naughty

The Newbie x

p.s sorry the quality on the photos is so bad they were taken on my phone in bad lighting grr restaurants for not having food photo friendly lighting!!


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