And breath….



This post is all about why we need and deserve rest days!

Okay so I will admit I do fall into the pattern of overworking and taking no rest days for a couple of weeks, then come week 4 the idea of stepping into the gym is not something I want to do…So in order to change this I researched and learned why we need a break.

1. Rest and Repair of your muscles

In order for your muscles to repair and get stronger from your workouts, your body needs a break in order to do this think of it as a mini MOT – a car can’t run forever eventually it would break down and thats the same for you body.

2. Prevents a mental burnout

I put my hands up this is my downfall – not turning off from the gym, I think if I don’t go everyday something bad while happen THIS IS NOT TRUE! We all deserve a break to see friends and family or just pamper ourselves!

3. Prevents injury

If you continue to work out the repeated stress without a break it will result in injury – this is what I have gained from a competitive swimming career – without rest your body can’t heal injuries as it doesn’t get a chance.

4. Sleep

Always remember to get a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night this is what is needed to repair your body so don’t sacrifice sleep for a workout it could result in injury from bad form since your head just wants to be in bed!

So go ahead take a rest day it will not kill you and you deserve it!

The Newbie x


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